Unseasoned Cashew 200g【Snobar】

Low-temperature baking, unseasoned, natural and additive-free.
肆食吧 unseasoned, natural, additive-free
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【Unseasoned Cashew 】

- Sourced from premium origins, carefully selected to meet top standards

- WW2210 cashews from Vietnam

- baked in low-temperature, all natural and additive-free.

- Vegetarian-friendly.

-Low-temperature roasting below -100℃.

-Sourced from premium origins, carefully selected to meet top standards.

  • 【Cashew】 WW210 grade cashews from Vietnam, the highest grade available in the market.

- Production process: nuts selection → Cleaning → Metal detection → Low-temperature roasting → Flipping for even roasting → Cooling → Packaging → Vacuum sealing

- Packaging: Nylon vacuum bags chosen for their waterproof and gas barrier properties, effectively enhancing freshness

- Quality assurance: Packaged in Taiwan, certified by a third-party impartial inspection organization, international standard certification laboratory


▍Item Name:Unseasoned Cashew 200g【Snobar】

▍Manufacturing Location:Taiwan



▍Total Validity Period: 12 months

Notice : Nuts allergies are disabled.


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-Convenience Store Pickup(7-11/ Family Mart) : Expected delivery to the designated convenience store within 2-3 business days.

-Home Delivery (pre-payment/COD): We cooperate with home delivery services (Taiwan Pelican Express, T-Cat and Maple Logistics Express). Expected delivery to your specified address within 3-5 business days.

-in-store Pickup: Please contact us in advance to inform us of the pickup. Our customer service staff will guide you through the pickup process. You can pick up the goods at Healthy House office by presenting your purchase proof/ID.


【Delivery Fees】

Convenience Store Pickup: Delivery fee of NT$65. Free delivery for purchase over NT$1,500.

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