Pineapple Oolong Tea【Snobar】

Carefully selected Taiwan's fine tea
using golden diamond pineapple and rich oolong tea
肆食吧 Carefully selected Taiwan's fine tea
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【Pineapple Oolong Tea】

Made with Taiwan's traditional pineapple variety called the "Golden Diamond Pineapple." The juicy and fragrant pineapple pieces are combined with rich and smooth Oolong tea, balancing the tea's bitterness with the sweet and sour flavors of tropical fruit. This creates a refreshing and sweet tea that is perfect for all seasons.


Introducing the Golden Diamond Pineapple Oolong Tea!

A perfect blend of traditional Taiwanese pineapple and premium Oolong tea. Savor the sweet and sour flavors of juicy pineapple pieces, perfectly balanced with the rich and smooth Oolong tea, for a refreshing and satisfying cup of tea that can be enjoyed all year round. Try our Golden Diamond Pineapple Oolong Tea today and experience the perfect harmony of fruit and tea!


【About Tea】

-Production Area: Nantou High Mountain Tea Region

-Tea Leaf Appearance: Hemispherical particles

-Fermentation Level: Light fermentation

-Tea Color: Light orange-yellow

-Roasting Level: Unroasted


【Production Process】

-Harvesting -Sun-drying: The tea leaves are dried naturally by the sun, allowing them to evaporate moisture.

-Indoor Drying and Resting: After the outdoor drying, the leaves are moved indoors for further drying and resting.

-Natural Fermentation -Panning (Pan-firing): The leaves are heated on a hot pan at 160 to 180 degrees Celsius to stop the fermentation process by breaking down the enzymes in the plant.

-Rolling and kneading




【Brewing Method】

Hot brewing:

1. Put the tea bag into 400ml of 95-degree hot water

2. steep for 3-5 minutes


Cold brewing:

1. Cut off the cotton thread from the tea bag

2. put it into 350ml of cold water

3. place it in the refrigerator for 7-8 hours


【Q & A】


Q: How much tea can I drink per day?

A: It is recommended to drink no more than 600cc of tea per day, with 150cc per brew and 3-4 infusions being the healthiest amount. However, the intake should still be adjusted according to one's own metabolic rate and gastrointestinal adaptability. If you feel unwell, you should reduce your intake.


Q: Can I achieve the same effect by drinking canned tea?

A: Canned tea filters out tea polyphenols through processing, and although it can be stored for a long time and consumed as soon as it is opened, its quality is unstable and not as beneficial to human health as freshly brewed tea.


Q: What is the most suitable temperature for drinking tea?

A: It is recommended to brew Oolong tea at a temperature of 82-96 degrees Celsius and let it cool to 40-60 degrees Celsius for a more comfortable drinking experience. The tea flavor will also be more rich and sweet.



▍Item Name:Pineapple Oolong Tea【Snobar】

▍Manufacturing Location:Taiwan

▍Ingredients:Oolong Tea、Pineapple

▍Weight:6g * 10

▍Total Validity Period: 24 months

▍Expiry Date : 2024/10/30



【Delivery Methods】

-Convenience Store Pickup(7-11/ Family Mart) : Expected delivery to the designated convenience store within 2-3 business days.

-Home Delivery (pre-payment/COD): We cooperate with home delivery services (Taiwan Pelican Express, T-Cat and Maple Logistics Express). Expected delivery to your specified address within 3-5 business days.

-in-store Pickup: Please contact us in advance to inform us of the pickup. Our customer service staff will guide you through the pickup process. You can pick up the goods at Healthy House office by presenting your purchase proof/ID.


【Delivery Fees】

Convenience Store Pickup: Delivery fee of NT$65. Free delivery for purchase over NT$1,500.

Home Delivery (pre-payment): Delivery fee of NT$100. Free delivery for purchase over NT$2,000.

Home Delivery (COD): Delivery fee of NT$120 for purchases from NT$1-2,000, and delivery fee of NT$150 for purchases over NT$2,000.

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