Tainan Rice No.11 200g【Snobar】

Tainan Rice No.11 short-grain rice, with full body with both sticky and soft texture
肆食吧 Tainan Rice No.11
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[Tainan Rice No. 11]

-One of the largest and most versatile rice varieties produced in Taiwan

-Rice No.11 is a white, full body, shiny polished round-grains that has stickier texture than other rice varieties due to its higher starch content, which is suitable for making sushi rolls.

-Extremely durable, it can be stored for months in a dry rice container after opening

-Suitable for various dishes such as sushi, bento rice and all other rice dishes.


Production and Manufacturing

Constant temperature : Constant temperature drying technology to stabilize rice quality.

Low-Temperature Refrigeration: Large-scale low-temperature refrigeration warehouse to ensure stable supply. Professional

Equipment: Able to remove excess impurities and retains intact rice grains.

Quality Control: Professional inspection and certification, to ensure no pesticides, nor heavy metals.

Qualified Inspection: Meets CNS Grade 1, obtains TAP (traceable agricultural products) production and sales history verification, and passes CAS rice verification.


Cooking Method

1. Gently wash the rice (wash about three times) and drain the water completely.

2. Rice-to-water ratio: 1:1.12 (may be slightly adjusted based on different cooking pots).

3. Soaked the rice in water for 15 ~ 30 minutes before cooking, allows the rice to absorb the water.

4. Do not open the lid after cooking, let the rice sit and simmer for 15 minutes to even the moisture for a better taste.

5. After opening the lid, use a rice spoon to fluff the rice evenly and enjoy.


▍Item Name:Tainan Rice No.11 200g【Snobar】

▍Manufacturing Location:Taiwan

▍Ingredients:100% Tainan Rice No.11


▍Total Validity Period: 12 months

▍Expiry Date : 2023/05/05



【Delivery Methods】

-Convenience Store Pickup(7-11/ Family Mart) : Expected delivery to the designated convenience store within 2-3 business days.

-Home Delivery (pre-payment/COD): We cooperate with home delivery services (Taiwan Pelican Express, T-Cat and Maple Logistics Express). Expected delivery to your specified address within 3-5 business days.

-in-store Pickup: Please contact us in advance to inform us of the pickup. Our customer service staff will guide you through the pickup process. You can pick up the goods at Healthy House office by presenting your purchase proof/ID.


【Delivery Fees】

Convenience Store Pickup: Delivery fee of NT$65. Free delivery for purchase over NT$1,500.

Home Delivery (pre-payment): Delivery fee of NT$100. Free delivery for purchase over NT$2,000.

Home Delivery (COD): Delivery fee of NT$120 for purchases from NT$1-2,000, and delivery fee of NT$150 for purchases over NT$2,000.

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